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Imaging genetics of spasmodic dysphonia
PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Central mechanisms and treatment response of sodium oxybate in spasmodic dysphonia and voice tremor
PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Brain networks in dystonia
PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Machine learning for diagnostic discovery of neurological speech disorders 
PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Adaptive joint cognitive system for complex and strategic decision making: Building trust in human-machine teams through brain-computer-interface augmentation, social interaction and mutual learning 
UK PI: Riccardo Poli, PhD (University of Essex)
US PI: Maryam Shanechi, PhD (University of Southern California)
Site PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD



Cortical-subcortical interaction in Parkinson's disease and normal speech
PI: John Sidtis, PhD, and Diana Sidtis, PhD
Subcontract PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Role of neurotransmission and functional CNS networks in spasmodic dysphonia
PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation
Structural biomarkers of primary focal dystonias
PI: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD
Foundation for Surgery Reg Worcester, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 
Differences in brain activation via the utilization of functional magnetic resonance imaging in patients with spasmodic dysphonia and voice tremor
PI: Diana Kirke, MBBS, FRACS    Mentor: Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD


Ways to give and support research

Join us in moving the understanding of spasmodic dysphonia and other dystonias forward! Uninterrupted, continuous funding has been vital to the progress of our research program. We have relied not only on federal funding agencies but also on private support to pursue high-risk, high-gain studies. If you would like to support research in the Simonyan laboratory and help accelerate development of cures for spasmodic dysphonia, voice tremor and related movement disorders, please contact:
Irene Hammer-McLaughlin
Senior Director of Development
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